Some questions we get a lot... 

What is it that you do?

Learning technologists, Instructional Designers, Teaching and Learning specialists, Designers, Technical Trainers, Project Facilitators... we go by a lot of names and it's true our role is not the most definable since we are involved with so many different projects and do different types of work in each.

To try and be concise about it - our role is to help educate, support and enrich the Teaching practice and Learners experience here in ATU Galway and further afield. We do this in a number of different ways which include in no particular order

  • offering support clinics that cater to teaching and learning practice problems
  • designing new learning resources for various multi-disciplinary funded projects
  • innovating and instilling new technology and pedagogical practices
  • identifying training needs and delivering such to our staff body
  • promoting modern methods and technology in teaching and learning practice
  • enhancing our technical skills in graphic design, video editing, coding, story boarding, animation, writing etc
  • researching, presenting, publishing and sharing our work and personal academic interests within the field of Teaching and Learning
  • the list goes on...

    Can you fix my computer?

    Yes and no. We are a friendly bunch and will try help you get over your technical glitch if you come and ask us in an AMA clinic but that is really not part of our work here in ATU. Equipment, connectivity, passwords, phones, general IT technical issues need to be resolved by your IT technician or self service. 

    Can you help fix something in my teaching environment?

    Yes. Keeping you teaching and your students learning is part of our role. If there is something you can't figure out in Moodle or Teams or other commonly used Teaching and Learning tool then book an AMA with us and we'll try solve it together. 

    I'm a new lecturer and I was told I should ask you for help - is this ok?

    Firstly, welcome to ATU Galway!

    Secondly we can help point you in the right direction for getting to grips with your Teaching practice. Things can be thrown at you thick and fast around here so we've developed a New Lecturers Guide to help you find you way around the myriad of Teaching and Learning resources available to you. 

    The staff induction page will help you with general ATU Galway issues (Equipment, HR, Payment etc). We recommend you ask within your school/department for a mentor who will help you get through the early days.

    Where can I find help with...

    We have lots of resources catering to all sorts of different needs. Check out our live bookmark here..*coming soon*